Dr. Weber’s Books and Self-Help Materials

The Relationship Formula Workbook Series consists of 4 brief workbooks designed to help people who struggle with romantic relationships. Whether you are married, single, divorced, newly starting your dating life, gay or straight, this workbook series will increase your relationship preparedness so that you may better find healthy, meaningful partnership. If you can’t get relationships right, constantly feel as if something is wrong with you when it comes to romance, and/or find you are continually drawn to the same kinds of disappointing or dysfunctional partners then the Relationship Formula Workbook Series offers a way to gain control.

The workbooks in this series include:

  • Breaking Up & Divorce 5 Steps–How To Heal and Be Comfortable Alone. Just released, Available now.
  • Building Self-Esteem 5 Steps– How To Feel “Good Enough” About Yourself (coming soon).
  • Toxic Love 5 Steps–How To Identify Toxic Love Patterns and Find Fulfilling Attachments (coming soon).
  • Getting Close To Others 5 Steps– How To Develop Intimate Relationships and Still Be True To Yourself (coming soon).

Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy—Why Women Settle for One-Sided Relationships is a book for all women who wish to better understand the delicate constellation of factors that produce emotional intimacy with a romantic partner.

Dr. Weber also explains how parent behavior may set the stage for daughters to negotiate adolescents with their self-esteem intact or fall into self-defeating dating patterns that follow them into adulthood.

The book further explains the high personal costs of one-sided romantic relationships and how these costs can make women see themselves as intrinsically flawed. The fault she writes is not an indelible defect in the woman, but the adoption of self-defeating romantic strategies.

Awareness, self and otherwise, makes all the difference. Dr. Weber lays out in a clear and understandable way how that is achieved.

The book includes self-assessments to help women determine where they are on the sex and intimacy spectrum and to help them understand and guide others with these important issues.

Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy is written in a non-judgmental voice that speaks directly to female readers.

Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy—Why Women Settle for One-Sided Relationships, published by Rowman and Littlefield, delivers insight into why, for some adult women, emotionally reciprocal romantic relationships with men can be elusive.

Dr. Jill P. WeberDr. Jill P. Weber, Ph. D., a clinical psychologist in private practice in suburban Washington, D.C., draws on her experience treating women and adolescent girls to discuss how long established negative patterns may be positively altered and how families may help girls to fully appreciate their own self-interest. She has appeared as a psychology expert in various media outlets including Nightline, U.S. News and World Report, Redbook, Teen Vogue, Family Circle, Seventeen, CNN, Associated Press and Discovery Channel.  Dr. Weber specializes in the impact of culture on female identity and relationship development.