Getting Started

You have already taken a difficult first step by trying to find a psychologist. Take some time to:

  • Read about me,
  • Review my areas of expertise, and
  • Understand how my fees work

Then, once you feel comfortable, contact me either via email or at 703-541-1277 for an initial phone consultation.

Our First Meeting

Our first meeting lasts about 60 minutes and is an open dialogue in which we explore the nature and background of your difficulties. At the end of this meeting, I should be able to tell you if I believe I can be helpful to you and how psychotherapy may be beneficial to your unique circumstances.  This is also your opportunity to determine whether you feel comfortable with the idea of therapy and a connection—or a good fit—with me.

By the end of the first meeting, or soon thereafter, you should decide if therapy is right for you and if I am a “good match” for you. From there, we will schedule regular meetings and your path to a stronger, happier life begins.


Treatment is provided with respect and privacy in a safe and supportive environment. It is of the utmost importance to me that you feel safe sharing your thoughts, feelings, and past experiences in a caring, compassionate, therapeutic environment.

Everything you share is strictly private and only between you and me. Should you want something to be shared with another professional or institution, you would need to provide written consent.

One exception to this confidentiality is in case of immediate danger to you or to others, or in the case of child or elder abuse/neglect, which legally psychologists and other mental health professionals are required to report.