Media, Consulting and Public Speaking

I have a long-term interest in the impact of gender and culture on identity and relationship development. I enjoy speaking to groups, consulting and working with the media regarding these topics. Using a two-pronged approach to this work, I help:

  • Adults to be their healthiest selves and to find fulfilling partnership
  • Parents, teens and educators to buffer harmful cultural messages that derail kids from discovering their full identity as well as from finding mutual partnership and friendship in adulthood.

When I speak to parents and parent groups, I often find they want to do more than spontaneously improvise when it comes to helping their teenagers develop their emotional strengths. They are eager for clear-cut information that they can actually use. When I speak to teens, their interest is stirred by information that will help them do more than improvise as they edge into more serious and complicated relationships. I also speak to singles groups and other organizations. My presentations are informal and questions and dialogue are welcome.

Media, Consulting & Public Speaking Requests


I am a regular expert contributor to media outlets and have appeared either in or on:

  • The Washington Post,
  • CNN,
  • USA Today,
  • Nightline,
  • Men’s Health,
  • Teen Vogue,
  • Redbook,
  • Family Circle,
  • Seventeen,
  • the Associated Press,
  • U.S. News and World Report and
  • Discovery Channel.

In addition to my “Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy” Psychology Today blog, Huffington Post Blog and my monthly contribution to Healthy Living Magazine, I authored Having Sex, Wanting IntimacyWhy Women Settle for One-Sided Relationships.

I write or provide commentary as a psychology expert on topics relating to:

  • The hook up culture,
  • Social media and dating,
  • Improving self-esteem,
  • Finding the right partner,
  • Escaping the cycle of one-sided relationships and finding mutual partnership,
  • Sexualizing of girls in the media,
  • How girls can be socialized for bullying behavior,
  • Raising girls with authentic identity,
  • Ways boys and girls are socialized for disappointment in relationships, and
  • How to parent for healthy relationships in adulthood.